The Showroom

With this homepage I want to introduce TIEDSTYLE to the world. This is meant to be a showroom for my work and not an online shop. Feel free to browse through the pages, get inspired or get in touch.

The Story

TIEDSTYLE is a bespoke bondage accesoir design-manufacturer located in Austria, Europes heart. TIEDSTYLE was founded and is driven by myself, Tom, a quality enthusiast and semi-professional leather craftsman. The goal is to craft bondage gear from the finest materials with the most effort to reach high usability and durability without compromising high quality standards.
“ I am a man of simple tastes.
I am allways satisfied with the best.”
Oscar Wilde
The story of TIEDSTYLE began long before the name itself was created:
I remember seeing a quite special bondage item on the web back in 1997.  Since than I tried to find a source to buy this type of gag but could not find any.  It was just a matter of time before I started making one on my own in 2006.  Whilst looking for the needed materials, I met some very interesting people, happily whilling to try out my first creations.  In the first years I mostly worked with rubber and stainless steel till I got in touch with one of the beautifulst materials I now know, leather.’
My whorkshop is tiny, but one does not need a huge factory to create an item, which satisfies. Most projects require planning, measuring, cutting, finishing, polishing, assembling and some times stitching. Because all this is mainly done by hand, without big machineries, there will be slight variations in each item. Also leather itself is an organic material which shows small natural imperfections. I only use solid vegetable tanned leather from a local store. All other parts are selected with the same level of care from various providers to ensure the comfortable use and durability of my creations.
I have many more ideas to come up with. This is just the beginning.