The Guide To Leather Care

Four simple steps to care for your leather – whether it is a leather harness or briefcase – in a way that honors its story and reflects your adventures:  

1) If your leather gets wet, dry it

Gently blot excess as soon as possible, and allow the rest to air dry. Do not use a heat source to speed up the drying. We use water-resistant leather but please try to not let it soak in water in the first place. We have good alternatives to leather in case your gear is getting wet regularly.

2) If your leather gets dirty, clean it  

Start by always handling your leather with clean hands – oil and residue will easily transfer to the leather. Once or twice a year, remove dirt buildup by wiping down your leather gear with a slightly damp cloth to avoid clogging the pores of the leather.

3) Condition your leather to last

Massage a high-quality leather conditioner into the leather by applying only a thin coat to clean, dry leather and use a clean cloth to gently wipe off excess.
Regardless of the ingredients that your leather conditioner is relying upon, they all attempt to add back moisture and to strengthen the fabric itself.

At TIEDSTYLE we use high-quality leather balm based on genuine beeswax and quality oils that are essential for leather. It makes leather soft, smooth, water-resistant, and durable while the leather remains breathable. We help you too, sourcing the right leather conditioner.

4) Store it correctly when your leather isn’t being used

Proper storage is important when caring for leather. Store leather in a space away from heat, humidity, sunlight, and dust – do not use plastic bags for storage! Air leather every few weeks to prevent mold growth.