BRV (Breathing Resistance Valve)

– Variable airflow control valve
– Fully adjustable 0% – nearly 100% airflow
– Male 40 mm NATO gas mask connector
– Easy to use (operation with gloves possible)
– Train your breathing playfully – do breathplay

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The BRV (Breathing Resistance Valve) is a variable airflow control valve for a stock respirator/gas mask.
Just plug it into your 40 mm NATO air intake and control the air supply from almost unhindered to actually breathless (zero airflow) with just one turn of the adjustment dial.

The adjustment dial can be operated safely even when wearing gloves.
In case the gas mask does not have a sealing ring at the inlet as standard, we made one too.

It is designed to train breathing in a playful way – in other words: for breathplay.
Depending on your respirator/gas mask it is possible that you have to make further modifications to the other intakes/exhausts to get the functionality you are searching for.

The latest design is now available in version 1.2.

It was tested with the following respirator masks:
Avon – S10
Dräger – Panorama Nova
Auer – MSA 3S

Thank you LatexJess (Instagram) for your review of the BRV and providing amazing pictures.
Go check her out, but come back after.